BluOcean in the news

May 26, 2020

BluOcean Innovation Announces The Launch of Intelligent Business Model Services To Enable Reinvention In the New Normal

TAMPA/ST. PETE, Florida - BluOcean today launched its intelligent business model services (iModel™) focused on enabling organizations to innovate their business models and transform quickly to market changes and capture new opportunities.  Using a customer-first focus, BluOcean builds edge capabilities that boost productivity across distributed teams and insights into market trends while delivering new customer experiences.


BluOcean’s iModel solution uses an agile, design thinking approach that brings the combined ingenuity of BluOcean and client domain experts together to rapidly generate a business and operating model catalyzed with intelligent technology.  Resulting business processes can better predict customer behaviors and forecast operational impacts while also increasing productivity without sacrificing agility.


“We want to build the most effective and responsive business model for our clients that allows them to continuously innovate and bring the most value to their customers.  Too often digital technology has been the solution looking for a problem to solve.  Our rigorous yet agile approach and domain experts help ensure a focus on results and customer value.  Intelligent technology is simply an embedded part of the overall process,” said Guy Perry, BluOcean founder.


Digital transformation continues to expand across multiple industries and is accelerated by “black swan” events. Many companies must quickly transform their business models to survive these kinds of disruptions. Digital leaders have average gross margins 18% greater than bottom performers.  These same poor performers also experienced revenue declines of over 8% (Harvard Business Review, January 2017). 


“To attain the bold vision and goals of our clients, we continue to expand our skills in emerging technologies.  However, we understand that our collective imagination and ingenuity are the real cornerstones of success,” said Perry.


BluOcean Innovation’s mission is to partner with our clients and assist them in discovering new markets, increasing operating performance, and improving the customer experience.  Our approach focuses on building from the organization’s foundation that enables agility and continuous innovation.  We are at our core a business innovation firm born in the digital age.


For more information contact, Laurie Lee at 727-803-0225, email